IMADe 2020 International Conference on Multimedia, Architecture and Design

Inclusively Creative: Design, Planning, and Digital Business

Nowadays, creativity is a valuable element embedded in a human’s daily life. Various prominent roles of a graphic designer, architect, interior designer, urban designer, AI (Artificial Intelligent) designer, or even a creative-preneuer are highly demanded to be creative in meeting the competitive requirement of creative industry. In an age of rapid development of creative industry, creativity could be described as a critical skill and paradigm in which expanded broadly from micro to macro scales. This is an essential approach for these stakeholders in identifying and analyzing a number of challenges in this contemporary industry.  Accordingly, an inclusive skill of creativity is highly required both theoretical and empirical in contributing to sustainable development.

The International Conference on Multimedia, Architecture, and Design (IMADe) is STD Bali’s first international conference. In this conference, STD Bali would like to accommodate various ideas from academics, participants, officials, creative industries performer, and policymakers from all over the world to contribute to the science and creative industries development both in Indonesia to the global level. This conference provides opportunities for participants to presenting current issues, best practices, as well as discussing and collaborating in the fields of multimedia (video, photography, animation, website, etc.), architecture, urban planning, design, art and culture, as well as business digitation. Authors are invited to contribute and submit papers that address one of the following subtopics:


  • Exploration New Idea and Concept in Creative Design
  • The Practice and Implementation of Creative Design Process
  • Outlining the Sustainable of Future Creative Design


  • The Resilience of Creative Concept in Urban Planning
  • Policy Sustainability in Future Creative Design
  • Outlining the Sustainable of Future Creative Design


  • Re-development the Future of Creative Economy
  • Significance of Social Culture Towards Creative Economy
  • The Emergence and Sustainable of Creative Entrepreneurship

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